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Trace Heat Installation

Ensure pipe integrity and maintain optimal temperatures with trace heat installation

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The power of trace heat installation: frost protection and beyond offered throughout the UK

At ICE Thermal our expertly crafted solutions utilise a network of small cables to protect your pipework, tanks, and vessels against the damaging effects of frost and low temperatures. Discover the versatility and customisation options of our trace heating systems to ensure optimal temperatures and prevent damage.

Trace heat installation is a proactive solution designed to prevent frost damage by maintaining pipework above a specific temperature. This ensures the integrity of pipes even in the coldest conditions.

Our trace heating systems are customisable to meet the specific needs of your infrastructure. Whether you require protection for pipes, tanks, or vessels, our solutions can be tailored to your unique requirements.

You can either give us a call at 0203 376 4802 or email us at to find out more about the full range of thermal installation services available for customers across the UK.

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We guarantee an excellent level of service and outstanding results every time with our trace heating installation services

Protect your pipework against freezing and ensure continuous functionality with our trace heat installation services. From domestic pipes to industrial systems, our solutions cater to a range of applications.

Maintain the contents of your tanks and vessels by keeping them above a specified temperature. Our trace heating systems offer a reliable and customisable solution for diverse tank and vessel applications.

Our trace heat installation services are adaptable and customisable to suit the unique requirements of your infrastructure. We collaborate closely with clients to design and implement trace heating systems that align with specific operational and temperature control needs.

Frost protection: Protect your pipes, tanks, and vessels from frost damage with our specialised trace heating solutions.

Hot water maintenance: Ensure a continuous supply of hot water with trace heat systems designed to maintain optimal temperatures.

Tank heating: Our tank heating solutions are tailored to prevent contents from falling below a certain temperature, offering reliability and operational continuity.

We’re setting the standard in trace heating for high-quality winter resilience with our 6-step process

At ICE Thermal, our meticulous trace heat installation process is designed to ensure precision, reliability, and optimal performance in safeguarding your infrastructure against the effects of frost and low temperatures.

Once we check your piping system, determine the length, and test your power supply, we will choose the right cable for you and begin immediately:

 1. Clean the surface

The installation process begins with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces where the trace heat system will be applied. Clean surfaces are crucial for ensuring proper adherence and longevity of the trace heating components.

 2. Mount the heat tracing cable

Our skilled operatives then proceed to mount the heat tracing cable along the designated areas of your pipework, tanks, or vessels. This process demands precision, as the cable is strategically positioned to cover the entire length of the infrastructure, requiring temperature control.

 3. Install the thermostat

Next, the thermostat—a critical component for intelligent temperature control—is installed. The thermostat serves as the brain of the system, monitoring ambient temperatures and activating the heat tracing cable when required.

 4. Connect the heat tracing cable to the thermostat and power supply

A connection is established between the heat tracing cable, thermostat, and the power supply. Our operatives ensure secure and weather-resistant connections to guarantee the efficient operation of the trace heating system.

 5. Test the system

Before finalising the installation, our team conducts rigorous testing of the entire trace heat system. This involves validating the responsiveness of the thermostat, the proper functioning of the heat tracing cable, and overall system efficiency.

 6. Documentation:

At ICE Thermal, documentation is a crucial step in our process. We provide comprehensive records of the trace heat installation, including details of materials used, system configurations, and adherence to safety standards.

Why choose ICE Thermal for trace heat installation?

  • Benefit from the expertise of our operatives, trained in trace heat installation for various applications
  • Our trace heating systems are customised to meet the specific needs of your infrastructure, providing tailored and effective solutions
  • With services available in Kent and London, ICE Thermal is your reliable partner for trace heat installation near you
  • Beyond trace heat installation, we offer a range of services including frost protection, hot water maintenance, and tank heating, providing a universal approach to temperature control

Our expertise ensures that your infrastructure remains protected and operational even in the harshest winter conditions. To find out more about any of our thermal installation services, contact a member of our team today. You can either email us at or give our support team a call at 0203 376 4802.

We operate nationwide, serving major UK areas including:

  • London
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Hertfordshire
0203 376 4802Open 24/7

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